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eye plaque

At IsoAid we make it easier
for you to treat Ocular Cancer

We manufacture High-Activity Advantage™ I-125 seeds for Eye Plaque Brachytherapy. You determine the activity you want up to 12 mCi. No restrictive lists. We also offer Pd-103 for Eye Plaque up to 5 mCi.

We deliver loose seeds or custom-loaded plaques, sterilized and ready to implant. You receive a 100% ADCL independent assay on all loaded plaques.

At IsoAid, we can either load the plaques you own or the specialized, collimated Eye Physics plaques available for rental through our exclusive partnership with Dr. Melvin Astrahan, PhD, DABR. Over 50 computer-designed, advanced technology gold plaques are available.

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