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IsoAid is a full-service Brachytherapy company

We manufacture Advantage™ I-125 and Advantage™ Pd-103 seeds at the activity you want, when you want them. No restrictive list. In addition, we provide in-house loading, sterilization and assay services.

Seed Configurations

We provide Brachytherapy seeds any way you want them.

Loose Seeds

Sterile or non-sterile available.

Advantage Cartridge®

Advantage Cartridge® loaded seeds available sterile or non-sterile.


Seeds and spacers are loaded into needles and delivered sterile.


Seeds are stranded, loaded into needles and delivered sterile.

IsoAid is proud to announce our new Secure Strand™. It delivers slow, deliberate strand degradation and is 78% more resistant to movement than standard strands.

We offer custom-loaded seeds faster than anyone in the industry. Our needles are clearly numbered and come in high quality needle trays with clearly marked needle numbers and grid locations.

  • Independent ADCL calibrated assay with every sterile order
  • No-questions asked return policy
  • Treatment planning services through our exclusive partnership with Michael Sitter, RT(T) at Professional Dosimetry Services.